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Description: Water based dispersion of two active ingredients. It contains one active ingredient encapsulated inside polymer microcapsules and second active ingredient is in the form of emulsified fine droplets. After application, the first pesticide gets slowly released from the microcapsules and provide prolonged bio-efficacy. The second pesticide, which is available as emulsified droplets provide immediate knock-down of target pests.


  • Water based combination formulation providing application of two pesticides in single spray. One pesticide provides slow release while another pesticide provides immediate bio-efficacy.
  • Facilitates control of a wider range of pests with minimumdoses.
  • Easy to handle and measure, non-flammable and offers good dispersion in water.\

Business potential in India and Abroad:The ZW formulation may have good business potential for combination applications and safer alternative to conventional  formulations.

Environmental aspects:  The developed formulation is water based and free from organic solvents and minimizes environmental pollution by evaporation of solvents.

Development status: The present technology is laboratory model. 

Transfer forms: Know-how of bench scale level.

Performance guarantee available: Yes

Developed ZW formulation: Lambda Cyhalothrin 25CS + Chlorpropos 10EW

New Formulations:New and tailor made formulations may be developed as per specific requirements.