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Water Dispersible Granules (WDG/ Dry flowable):

Description: Water Dispersible Granules formulation consists  of granules to be used for spray application  after dispersion in water. 

Areas of application in Industry:  Spray application of pesticides is widely used in agriculture and public health sectors.  The WDG formulation is very easy to measure and dilute at the time of application. The WDG formulation minimize the risk of inhalation, contamination of non-target area as posed in application of conventional WP DP formulations


  • No dust and inhalation hazard to the applicator during handling
  • No problem of toxicity or flammability due to solvents
  • Easily measured and diluted
  • Fast dispersion in water for spray applications.
  • Easy and safe packaging and transportation

Business potential in India and Abroad:Large volume of conventional WP formulations are being used worldwide.  The WDG  formulationshave very good business potential as safe alternative to WP  formulations. Globally the WDG formulations are coming up as most popular formulations in agriculture.

Environmental aspects:  The WDG formulations are soild and solvent free formulations. These  formulation do not contain any organic solvents and  are safe to the environment

Development status: The present technology is laboratory model. It may be scaled up to Pilot Plant level (Extrusion process) in IPFT.

Transfer forms: Know-how of bench/ Pilot  scale .

Performance guarantee available: Yes

Developed WDG formulations:Captan 83WG, Isoprouton 75WG, Metamitron 70WG, Mancozeb 75 WG, Chlorothalonil 75WG,  Endosulfan 75WG, Carbendazim 86WG, Divrinol 50WG, Thiram 80WG, Cypermethrin 40 WG, Thiomethaxam 25WG, Deltamethrin 25WG, Triazophos 20WG

New Formulations :New and tailor made formulations may be developed as per specific requirements.