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Tablet Formulations: 

Description: Tablets are mixture of active ingredient with inert ingredient compressed into mass of circular shape.

Types of tablets: 

  1. Water Dispersible Tablet (WT): On addition in water gives stable and uniform dispersion.
  2. Floating Tablet (FT): Controlled release tablet for direct application of aquatic Pest control such as mosquito larva, Minimize Wastage and Leaching, Reduce frequency of Application.
  3. Tablet for Direct application (DT):Botanical Based Tablet for cockroach control, Utilizes botanical waste as an active, Cost effective, Effective in controlling cockroach, Can be applied directly.


  • Convenience of handling
  • No Dust Problem
  • Premeasured dose rates
  • High stability

Business potential in India and Abroad:. The developed Tablet formulation are low volume-high value products and  have good business potential as user & environment friendly safer alternative to existing formulations.

Environmental aspects:  The developed formulation are dust and organic solvent free formulations. These formulations minimize, contamination of non-target area and pollution by evaporation of solvents .

Development status: The present technology is laboratory model. 

Transfer forms: Know-how of bench scale level.

Performance guarantee available: Yes

Developed Tablet formulations: Deltamethrin 12.5% + PiperonylButoxide 12.5%WT,Floating Tablets (Synthetic& Botanical), Botanical Based Tablet for coackroach control.

New Formulations:New and tailor made formulations may be developed as per specific requirements.