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Suspension Concentrate(SC/ Fowable)

Description: The suspension concentrates (SC) formulation  consist of Stable dispersion of micronized active ingredient in water.

Areas of application in Industry:  Most of the pesticides are delivered to the target site by spray application in agriculture and public health sectors.  The water based Suspension Concentrate formulation provide easy application with elimination of disadvantages and risks posed by solvent based EC formulation like flammability, dermal toxicity and phytotoxicity.


  • Easy dilution and application in the field
  •  Risk of phytotoxicity or flammability due to solvents reduced
  • Good bio-efficiency due to the fine  particle size
  • Good adhesion and penetration into target surface

Business potential in India and AbroadLarge volume of conventional EC and WP formulations are used in agriculture and public health. The developed SC formulation may have good business potential as effective and  safer alternative to existing EC, WP  formulations.

Environmental aspects:  The water based SC formulations do not contain any organic solvent and minimizes environmental pollution by evaporation of solvents.

Development status: The present technology is laboratory model, It may be scaled up to Pilot Plant level in IPFT.

Transfer forms: Know-how of bench / Pilot scale level.

Performance guarantee available: Yes

Developed SC Formulations: Isoputron 50SC,  Carbendazim 50SC, Sulphur 52SC, Fipronil 5SC, Thiomethxam 14.1% + Lambdacyhalothrin 10.6% SC, Metamitron 70SC.

New Formulations:New and tailor made formulations may be developed as per specific requirements