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Nano Encapsulated Gel Formulationiswater basedtransparent/ translucent semisolid system. Active ingredient is coated inside a layer of crosslinkedpolymer with capsule sizes maintained in Nano meters range.


  • Suitable of pesticide impregnation in long-lasting mosquito nets with prolonged and wash resistant effect of active ingredient
  • Better absorption on surface
  • Release rate of active can be controlled
  • Easy to Handle and Transport.

Business potential in India and Abroad: The developed Nanogel formulation may have good business potential for impregnation in long-lasting mosquito nets, grain storage bags and   slow release effect in other applications 

Environmental aspects:  The developed formulation contains water as bulk medium and user & environment friendly product. 

Development status: The present technology is laboratory model.

Transfer forms: Know-how of bench scale level.

Performance guarantee available: Yes

Developed formulation: Permethrin 15 Nanogel

New Formulations:New and tailor made formulations may be developed as per specific requirements