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Gel Bait

Description: GelBait Contains optimized amount of pesticide & Attractant in gel form used for household pest control. The formulation provides very easy and safe application compared to conventional baits.


  • Ready to use form
  • No need to cover entire area
  • Low Active Ingredient (AI) content
  • No contamination as in case of sprayableformulations

Business potential in India and Abroad: Presently available formulations are in the form of conventional bait and their application is inconvenient and unsafe. The developed gel bait formulation may have good business potential for household insect control.

Environmental aspects:  The developed formulation contains low amounts of AI and the risk of contamination is minimized in household insects control applications.

Development status: The present technology is laboratory model. It may be scaled up to Pilot Plant level in IPFT.

Transfer forms: Know-how of bench/ Pilot scale 

Performance guarantee available: Yes

Currently Available Gel Bait formulation: Fipronil 0.05 Gel bait, Imidachloropid 2.15 Gel Bait

New Formulations:New and tailor made formulations may be developed as per specific requirements