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Technology Available for Commercialization

1) Suspension Concentrate (SC/ Fowable):

Description: The suspension concentrates (SC) formulation consist of stable dispersion of micronized active ingredient in water.

2) Water Dispersible Granules (WDG/ Dry flowable) :

Description: Water Dispersible Granules formulation consists of granules to be used for spray application after dispersion in water.

3) Capsule Suspension (CS):

Description: Capsule Suspensions are water based slow release formulations containing active ingredient encapsulated inside polymer microcapsules. After application, the pesticide gets slowly released from the microcapsules. The CS formulations are very useful to provide prolonged effect for controlling target pests.

4) Gel Bait:

Description: Gel Bait Contains optimized amount of pesticide & Attractant in gel form used for household pest control. The formulation provides very easy and safe application compared to conventional baits

5) Tablet Formulations:

Description: Tablets are mixture of active ingredient with inert ingredient compressed into mass of circular shape.

6) Microemulsion (ME) and Nanoemulsion( NE):

Description: Microemulsions/ Nanoemulsions are water based formulations and are thermodynamically stable over a wide temperature range due to very fine droplet size, usually between 1-5 microns (Microemulsion) 1-50 nanometers ( Nanoemulsion).

7) ZW formulations (Combination of CS & EW):

Description: Water based dispersion of two active ingredients. It contains one active ingredient encapsulated inside polymer microcapsules and second active ingredient is in the form of emulsified fine droplets. After application, the first pesticide gets slowly released from the microcapsules and provide prolonged bio-efficacy. The second pesticide, which is available as emulsified droplets provide immediate knock-down of target pests.

8) Nano Encapsulated Gel Formulation:

Nano Encapsulated Gel Formulation is water based transparent/ translucent semisolid system. Active ingredient is coated inside a layer of crosslinked polymer with capsule size s maintained in Nano meters range.