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FR & D Projects

Development and promotion of non-POPs alternative to DDT, Sponsored by UNIDO. P.I- Dr. P.K. Patanjali (Feb.2017 to November 2019)

Project Title -Development and Promotion of Non-POPs alternatives to DDT Sponsored by: United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) 

Objectives of the Project 

  • The objective is to introduce bio- and botanical pesticides and locally appropriate cost-effective and sustainable alternatives to DDT as first step for reduction and eventual elimination of dependency on DDT, ensuring food safety, enhancing livelihood and protecting human health and environment.

Projet Title -Advanced and Environmentally Safe Pesticide Formulation Development for Mosquito Control (sponsored by Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals)

Objectives of the Project 

  • Development of formulations for the control of mosquito larva.
  • Formulation development for adult mosquito control.
  • Exploring the possibility of attractant types of formulations for adult mosquitoes.
  • Possible botanical alternatives.

Projet Title -Promotion of Neem Based Modified Compositions as an Effective Crop Pest Management Tool (sponsored by Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals)

Objectives of the Project 

  • To promote neem as a safe alternate to synthetic chemical pesticide for crop pest management.
  • Efficacy enhancement of neem as a bio-pesticide by plant based materials.
  • Bio efficacy studies on the synergistic insecticidal compositions.
  • Improvement of knock down effect of neem kernel aqueous extract.

Project Title -Reduction of Synthetic Chemical Pesticide Doses with the Use of Botanical Adjuvant (sponsored by Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals) 

Objectives of the Project  

  • To identify botanical adjuvants which enhance the efficacy of the pesticide formulations.
  • Optimization of concentration of adjuvants for its maximum dose reduction with high efficacy.
  • Final optimization of plant based material, aqueous extract of sprayable suspensions for pesticide dose reduction.F