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Description: Capsule Suspensions are water based slow release formulations containing active ingredient encapsulated inside polymer microcapsules.  After application, the pesticide gets slowly released from the microcapsules. The CS formulations are very useful to provide prolonged   effect for controlling target pests.

Magnified view of micro-capsules


  • Controlled release of active ingredient. Provide better bio-efficacy at lower doses
  • Improved handling safety since the microcapsule wall encloses active ingredient.
  • Reduced environmental contamination and  leaching of pesticide.
  • Degradation of active ingredient by environmental factors like sunlight (UV) can be reduced.
  • Reduced Phytotoxicity.

Business potential in India and Abroad: The CS formulation   provide prolonged biological action and provide good bio-efficacy at lower doses of pesticides. The formulations have good business potential as user & environment friendly safer alternative to existingformulations.

Environmental aspects:  The developed formulation contains no or minimum   amountof organic solvents and minimizes environmental pollution by evaporation of solvents.  Leaching into the soil and ground-water contamination is reduced by use of CS formulation.

Development status: The present technology is laboratory model. It may be scaled up to Pilot Plant level in IPFT.

Transfer forms: Know-how of bench/ Pilot scale.

Performance guarantee available: Yes

Developed CS formulations:LambdaCyhalothrion 10CS (public heath application), LambdaCyhalothrin 4.9CS (agricultural application), LambdaCyhalothrion 25CS (agricultural & public health applications)

New Formulations:New and tailor made formulations may be developed as per specific requirements