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The Institute of Pesticide Formulation Technology (IPFT) is an autonomous institution, established in 1991, under Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Government of India. IPFT is the only Institute of its kind devoted to the development of state-of-the-art user and environment friendly new generation pesticide formulation technologies, their analysis, efficacy and toxicity studies. The institute has three major functional domains, viz., Formulation development, analytical characterizations and bioscience studies. The institute has pilot plant facility to demonstrate the pilot scale manufacturing process of pesticide formulations. The Institute carries out In-house, Grant-In- Aid, Industry sponsored projects, Project mode collaborations with Academia/Industry.

The IPFT conducts interdisciplinary research, analysis, monitoring and efficacy studies with latest state-of the-art analytical/biological equipments and it is in the process of establishing EcoTox facility. The Institute is actively engaged in providing R&D support services, quality control and regulatory data generation for the agrochemical and other industries. Till date, the IPFT has developed 80 formulations and successfully transferred to various agrochemical industries, which are in the market for commercial applications. It also develops the biopesticides alternative to synthetic pesticides for various applications.

The analytical facility of IPFT possess accreditation from NABL as per ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for pesticides analysis in food commodities (278 pesticides) and formulations (145 pesticides). The IPFT regularly participates in the PT program organized by OPCW, The Netherlands on CWC related chemicals. Recently, the IPFT has been certified by NGCMA, India as the GLP compliant facility for physical-chemical analysis including five batch analysis and residue studies. Further it has been notified by CIB&RC for generating data on registration of pesticides. The IPFT conducts field studies for bioefficacy, phytotoxicity and other related studies as per the CIB&RC requirements. The IPFT has always stood like a rock whenever pesticide industry look for the solutions in formulations as well as its characterizations and efficacy studies.

I also like to convey you that, IPFT is making efforts to initiate the doctoral/masters/diploma programs very soon to build the skilled manpower in the pesticide research, which can immensely benefit the pesticide industry in India. The IPFT also conducts farmers awareness programs on safe and judicious use of pesticides and use of biopesticides, customized skill development and dissertation programs as per the needs of agrochemical industry and other institutions. IPFT welcomes the suggestions from Agro- and other Industries for any new programs to be initiated at IPFT.