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Institute of Pesticide Formulation Technology (IPFT) is an autonomous institution under the Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Government of India. IPFT is working towards the development of safer, efficient, cost effective and environment friendly pesticide formulations, pesticide quality control, and generation of bio-efficacy, phytotoxicity and residue data of crop protection agents through field trials. More than sixty technologies have been developed and successfully transferred to various agrochemical industries till date.

Currently, Formulation division is working in a project (funded by UNIDO) to develop bio-botanical pesticide formulation technologies for mosquito control applications as safer user and environment friendly alternative to DDT. Further, IPFT in collaboration with ICAR- National Research Centre for Seed Spices (ICAR-NRCSS), Ajmer has developed Suspension Concentrate (SC) formulation of bio-pesticide Verticelium lecanii for agricultural applications as a safer option to synthetic chemical pesticides. Technology of safer SL and SP formulations of Monocrotofos has been transferred to UPL Ltd., for commercialization.

IPFT has state-of-art laboratories and is fully equipped with sophisticated analytical instruments such as GC, HPLC, GC-MS, GC-MS/MS, LC-MS/MS, LC-HRMS (LC/Q-TOF), UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Semi-Preparative HPLC, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Particle size analyser, Zetasizer etc. for undertaking various research studies.

The Institute extends its support to the agrochemical industries by designing experiments to determine the dissipation and degradation behavior and residual fate of pesticides on various agricultural/ horticultural crops and in the environment. Analytical Laboratory is accredited by NABL as per ISO/IEC – 17025: 2017 for the testing of pesticides (Technical & Formulations), pesticide residues (Scope of 280 pesticide molecules) in various food matrices and CWC related chemicals. IPFT is recognized by CIB & RC for bio-efficacy (for pesticides to be registered for use in household and for persistence & residue studies).

IPFT is recognized as a GLP Certified Laboratory which is the only Govt. GLP Certified Lab for physico-chemical testing(Including Five Batch Analysis) and residue studies of pesticides, We are pleased to share that IPFT in collaboration with RSSOCA, Jaipur has started a mega project on “Monitoring of Pesticide Residues at various districts of Rajasthan” sponsored by Government of Rajasthan. Additionally, IPFT is serving as one of the 32 centers working on the national level project “Monitoring of Pesticide Residues at National Level” sponsored by the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India since 2006.

 In total, the organization is working in seven externally funded Research & Development projects sponsored by various funding agencies.