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R & D Projects

DBT sponsored project-"Extraction of Bioactive Compounds & Development of Pesticide Formulations from Aromatic Plants Available in North Eastern Region, their Quality Parameters & Employment Generation"
in collaboration with Manipur Central University.

Title: Monitoring of Pesticide Residue at National Level (MPR)- sponsored by Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India

PI: Dr. L.K. Thakur

Duration: October 2006-continuing

Sponsored by: Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India

Samples of Vegetables, Fruits, Soil and Water were received from Directorate of Horticulture Haryana for Pesticide Residue Analysis.

During the year 2019, 198 samples of fruits, vegetables, water and soil were received from Directorate of Horticulture, Haryana. Samples were processed and analysed by GC-MS/ MS and LC-MS/MS.

Residue Studies of Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals & Seed Spices, Oil Seeds Grown in Different Parts of Rajasthan”.

Ten thousand samples of fruits, vegetables, spices, cereals sent by RSSOCA, Jaipur have been processed and analysed by sophisticated instruments like GC-MS, GC-MS/MS, LC-MS/MS. A lab developed, validated and uniform methodology was followed to analyse pesticide residues and reporting of the results

Alpha-cypermethrin 5% Wettable Powder (WP)

The samples received by Central Medical Services Society (CMSS) for quality checks both before and after accelerated storage. The W.P formulations are tested for various physicochemical parameters as per CIPAC method. The formulations are tested for active ingredients, foam test, wettability, sieve test, pH and suspensibility parameters before and after accelerated storage stability both. During 2019-20, 341 samples of 5 % alpha-cypermethrin WP from CMSS were received. Samples were analysed and the analysis report was forwarded to CMSS.

Monitoring of Pesticide Residues in Vegetables from Different parts of India Sponsored by Ministry of Agriculture

Every month 62 samples of fruits, vegetables (farmgate & mandi), cereal, milk & water were collected from three districts of Haryana (Faridabad, Bahadurgarh & Palwal). Samples were processed & analysed by sophisticated instruments like GC-MS/MS, LC-MS/MS.