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Bio Sciences
Bio Sciences
Bio Sciences
Bio Sciences
Bio Sciences

The major thrust of the division is to evaluate the different pesticide formulations developed by this institute for their commercial viability, as in house services, through well equipped bio-assay laboratory, green house/glass house and experimental field trials.

Additionally the division is also actively engaged in developing registration data packages of various pesticides as per Central Insecticide Board/Registration Committee protocols for the pesticide industry for their new formulations through sponsored projects. The division is recognized by Central Insecticide Board/Registration Committee for generation of data on bio-efficacy, phytotoxicity, phytotonicity, compatibility, effect of pesticides on natural enemies of pests and residual aspects of pesticides.

This Division has so far successfully generated registration data for different pesticide formulations on various crops as well as for house hold insects through sponsored projects by pesticide industries.

Services Offered
  • Bio-assay studies of pesticides through laboratory trials
  • Bio-efficacy studies of different pesticide formulations through field trials
  • Phytotoxicity and Phytotonicity studies
  • Compatibility studies of pesticides
  • Effect of pesticides on natural enemies
  • Pesticide persistence and residue studies
  • Consultancy services
  • Well developed experimental farm
  • Bio-assay Laboratory
    • Microdoser-cum-Topical Applicator
    • Potter’s Tower
    • Knockdown Chamber (KD)
    • Peet Greedy Chamber
    • Digital Colony Counter
    • Research Microscope
  • Application Technology Laboratory
    • Controlled Droplet Applicators (CDA)
    • Different Sprayers with spray management valves
    • Fogging Machine
    • Fumigation Chamber
    • Seed Dressing Machine
  • Others
    • Leaf Area Meter
    • Flurometer
    • Lux Meter
    • Plant Growth Chamber
Other Scientists
Dr. P. Bhandari, Deputy Chief (Bioscience) & Head
Education Ph.D. (Agri. Entomology)
Work Experience  
Field of Specialization  
Mobile No. 9971400722
Bio Sciences Bio Sciences Bio Sciences
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