Analytical Devision
Analytical Devision
Analytical Devision
Analytical Devision
Analytical Devision
Analytical Devision
Analytical Devision

The Analytical Division is an accredited laboratory under ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and is a core division associated with all the activities of the institute. The Division is accredited for chemical testing of pesticides (Technical & Formulations), Pesticide residues in various food matrices and chemical warfare agents and their precursors and degradation products. In addition to providing various analytical services such as quality assurance, Persistence and Residue Analysis in various matrices, it also undertakes R & D projects from various agencies and the pesticide industries.

The Laboratory is also recognized/certified by BIS for the testing of pesticide formulations as per IS specifications.

The institute regularly participates in the Proficiency testing programmes for the analysis of CWC related compounds conducted by the OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons), The Hague, The Netherlands.  The lab got designated by the OPCW in 2011.

Services Offered
  • NABL certified quality assurance and quality control services to in-house samples and samples from outside agencies.
  • Pesticide formulation analysis (using BIS/WHO/CIPAC specification).
  • Development of new methods for analyzing active ingredients of pesticides
  • validation/modification of existing methods.
  • Impurity profile analysis.
  • Shelf-life data generation of pesticide and their formulations.
  • Pesticide residue data generation for registration of pesticides in India under CIB/RC.
  • Persistence studies of pesticides in soil, water, plant and foliage.
  • Analysis of samples of Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.
  • Sponsored projects from Government and International agencies.
Laboratory facilities
Quality Control/Quality Assurance /Persistence and Residue Analysis Laboratories
  • Gas Chromatograph (Detectors viz., FID, ECD, FPD and NPD).
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (Detectors viz., UV & PDA).
  • Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer (Electron Impact and Chemical Ionisation).
  • LC-MS/MS (Triple Quadrupole)
  • UV-Visible spectrophotometer
  • Accelerated Solvent Extractor
  • Rotavapor assembly
  • pH Meter, Karl Fisher Autotitrator.
  • Abel’s Flashpoint Apparatus
Testing Charges
S.No Name of test Small (Sample no. 1-10) Medium (Sample no. 11-50) Large (Sample no. Above 50)
1 HPLC (A.I Content) 3500.00 3000.00 2700.00
2 GC (A.I Content) 2500.00 2250.00 2000.00
3 GC-MS 5000.00 4500.00 4000.00
4 Residue Analysis 3000.00 2700.00 2500.00
5 HPLC with complete analysis of Pesticide formulation 6000.00 5500.00 5000.00
6 GC with complete analysis of Pesticide formulation 4500.00 4000.00 3700.00
7 Moisture Analysis (KF Titration) 500.00 450.00 400.00
8 LC-MS 15000.00 13000.00 10000.00
9 UV 1000.00 800.00 700.00
10 Chemical Analysis of Pesticide 2500.00 2250.00 2000.00
* Service charges as per applicable
Head of the Division
Other Scientists
Dr. Lalitesh K. Thakur, Incharge & Specialist
Education M. Sc (Chemistry), Ph. D (Chemistry)
Work experience 10 Years of R & D in the areas of Microemulsion, SC, EC, SO formulations of Pesticides
Training Laboratory Quality Management System & Internal Audit (ISO 17025)
Shri Naresh Chand Goel, Specialist
Education M. Sc. (Analytical Chemistry)
Work experience 22 Years
Field of Specialization Quality control & Quality assurance of Pesticides
Training GC and GC-MS of pesticides, Purdue University, USA, Formulation and Quality control of pesticides, Sweon, South Korea.
Residue analysis of pesticides from fruits and vegetables, CSL, York, UK.
Dr. Samsul Alam, Specialist (Analytical)
Education M. Sc (Agricultural Chemicals). PH.D
Work experience 3 years
Field of Specialization Instrumental Analysis of Agricultural Chemicals, Residue Analysis of pesticides
Training Instrumental Analysis, Quality Management System, Pesticide formulation analysis.
Shri Anil Kumar Verma, Scientist
Education M. Sc. (Chemistry)
Work experience 21 Years in the area of pesticide analysis
Field of Specialization Quality control & Quality assurance of Pesticides
Training GC-MS and HPLC analysis of pesticides, CSL, Harpenden, UK.
Shri Vinod D. Deotale, Scientist (OPCW)
Education M. Sc (Chemistry)
Work experience 4 Years
Field of Specialization Organic Chemistry/QC & QA of pesticide
Training Laboratory Quality Management System & Internal Audit (ISO 17025)
Shri Mahesh Kumar Saini, Scientist (OPCW)
Education M. Sc (Agro Chemicals and Pest Management)
Work experience 8 years
Field of Specialization QA & QC of Pesticide Formulation & Residue Analysis.
Training LQMS and IA (ISO : 17025), GC-MS, Pesticide Residue Analysis & Analytical Skills Development Course (ASDC-2014) at VERIFIN, Finland
Shri Mukesh Kumar Singh, Scientist (OPCW)
Education M.Sc. (Agro Chemicals & Pest Management)
Work experience 6 Years
Field of Specialization Analysis of pesticides and their different type of formulations, Pesticides Residue Analysis by GC, HPLC & GC-MS.
Training Instrumental Analysis (GC & GC-MS), Pesticides Residue Analysis, Laboratory Quality Management System & Internal Audit (ISO: 17025), Inter Lab Comparison (ILC) Proficiency Testing (PT) and evaluation of Z-score, Reference Material Producers (RMP) & Extraction and Analysis of Neutraceuticals from vegetables, fruits and nonfood crops.
Mr. Sudeep Mishra, Scientist (Analytical)
Education M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)
Work experience 5 years
Field of Specialization Analysis of Pesticide Residue and Pesticide Formulation
Training Instrumental Analysis, GC, GC-MS and HPLC Analysis of Pesticides & Formulations.
Analytical Devision Analytical Devision Analytical Devision
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